Daily Investment Interpretations

September 30, 2010

2010-9-30 (Thursday Night):  The markets closed lower again today. The NASDAQ Composite declined 7.94 points (-0.33%) to 2,368.62 The Dow dropped 47.23 points (-0.44%) to close  at 10,788.05, and the S&P 500 dipped 3.63 points (-0.31%) to end at 1,141.20. Oil jumped $1.97 a barrel to close at  $79.84 a barrel, while Gold ended the day at $1,310. The VIX rose 0.45 to 23.70.
    I had said that I would add synopses to last night's articles this morning, but that was no to be. Amber has caught a cold and has quite a croupy cough. I've been tied to tasks all day long. (I just finished rocking Amber to sleep in the big green rocking recline.)
    Today represented the end of a month and a quarter, which may have skewed the behavior of the stock market. Mark Hulbert writes that September has defied the odds in a big way, mentioning that this September has been the best September for equity market performance since 1939.
    The articles Bank of Japan likely to ease further, Protests sweep Europe, and Skepticism greets tougher EU budget plan point toward continuing overseas economic problems.  
    This next article, America’s choice: Hypocrites or cowards, is so good that I want to do it justice, which means that I'll have to wait until I can find an opening. (When Amber is here, I can't go ten minutes without hearing either "Bob!" or "Daddy", and being summoned for someone else's purpose.) Then, too, we may spend the bulk of tonight in the Emergency Room if Amber awakens with croup.
    The article, America on the brink of a Second Revolution, was written, of course, by Paul Farrell.