Daily Investment Interpretations

September 16, 2010

2010-9-16 (Thursday) After running low for most of the day, the markets closed almost where they started. The NASDAQ Composite wiggled up 1.93 points (0.08%) to 2,303.25, remaining within its May-to-September trading range. The Dow rose 22.1 points (-0.21%) to close  at 10,594.63, and the S&P 500 wiggled down 0.41 points (-0.04%) to end at 1,124.66. Oil slid slightly to $74.46 a barrel, while Gold hit a new high at $1,276. The VIX fell 0.38 to 21.72
    The titles of these articles are pretty well self-explanatory. 
    Poverty rate highest since 1994: Census  
    Wary consumers rule the recovery  
    Exit Harry Schultz, pursued by a bear?  
    Goldman: Get More Defensive on U.S. Stocks  
    I'll reserve the continuation to last night's "Missiles of October" description for tomorrow night. ("Missiles of October" is a 1974 movie documenting the Cuban Missile Crisis.)
    Stock market futures are up a bit tonight.  

To Be Continued