Daily Investment Interpretations

July 6, 2010

2010-7-6:  After moving up and then down and then partway up again, the markets closed up a bit today. The NASDAQ Composite inched up 2.09 points (0.1%) to finish at 2093.88. The Dow gained 57.14 points 0.59%) to close at 9,743.62, and the S&P 500 annexed 5.48 points (0.54%) to end at 1,028.06. Oil dropped $0.11 to $72.16 a barrel, while Gold ended at $1,195. The VIX fell 0.47 to 29.65.    
    Dr. Irwin Kellner's Perched between growth and recession makes for interesting reading. He basically agrees with Paul Krugman that fiscal restraint right now is an invitation to the W-shaped recovery that he forecast a year ago: "See my column of Aug. 11, 2009.", his confirmation of last year's predictions: "See my column of Aug. 11, 2009.", and last week's update: "See last week's column."..
    Hulbert: Contrarian indicator blinks bearish  
    Looming wave of estimate cuts  
    S&P to 1,500? 
    David Weidner poses Five burning questions for Wall Street 
    Michael Ashbaugh alludes to the S&P 500's resistance at the 1,040 and 1,060 levels: S&P's pop quiz 
    Paul Farrell writes Conspiracy of Weasels is killing real reform concerning bank reform.
    Market futures are down modestly tonight.