Daily Investment Interpretations

July 2, 2010

2010-7-2:  The markets closed a little lower again today: Stock-fund gains dissolve as 2010 turns perilous: The NASDAQ Composite dropped 9.57 points (-0.46%) to close at a new low for the year at 2091.79. The Dow declined 46.05 points -0.47%) to close at 9,686.48, and the S&P 500 dipped 4.79 points (-0.47%) to end at 1,022.58. Oil dropped $0.68 to $72.27 a barrel, while Gold rose to $1,212. The VIX fell 2.74 to 30.12.
   The story of the day was the jobs report: It could've been worse: "The unemployment report wasn't as grim as it might have been, but it still showed an economy struggling to find firm footing."