Daily Investment Interpretations

June 9, 2010

2010-6-9:  Stocks fell, allegedly on fears that BP won't be able to pay off its claims, and that this will impact the energy sector, and it probably didn't help that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke suggested that we might be facing a double-dip recession: Stocks relapse as euro dips, but: Fed chief remains upbeat. The NASDAQ Composite slid 11.72 points (-0.54%) to close at 2,158.25, the Dow regained 40.73 points (-0.41%) to close at a new 2010 low at 9,844, and the S&P 500 fell 6.31 points (-0.59%) to end at 1,055.69. Oil rose to $73.93 a barrel, while Gold ended at $1,231. The VIX rose 0.03 to 33.73.  
    Stock market futures are down a bit tonight.    
    The housing-market recession is not over   
    There hasn't been a peep out of my investment advisory service today. The market is bumping along at the bottom of its trading (basing?) range. It closed today only a few points above Monday's close, which put it at the February low.