Daily Investment Interpretations

June 8, 2010

2010-6-8:  Stocks rose in the last half-hour of trading today.   The NASDAQ Composite was the only index that slipped today, trimming 3.33 points (-0.15%) to close at 2,170.49, the Dow regained 123.49 points (1.26%) to end the day at a 7-month low: 9,939.98, and the S&P 500 rose 11.53 points (1.10%) to end at 1,062.00. Oil added 0.74 to reach $72.19 a barrel, while Gold dipped slightly to $1,239. The VIX fell 2.90 to 33.66.
    Irwin Kellner has written an article explaining that the Labor market is far worse than it looks, an interpretation that is shared by my investment advisory service. Brett Arends has added to this theme with Five ways jobs numbers are worse than bad.
    Mark Hulbert has written: Correction coming?.  
    Paul Farrell explains that the GDP growth fetish is bad for your money.
   Emotional breakdown ahead for economy notes that consumer confidence has suddenly taken a dive, and that it could feed on itself.  
    David Weidner's Stop financial reform. Now. is a stitch! How explains how urgent it is that the CEO's who led us into this morass be able to continue to exploit us, and transfer wealth from us to them. It's pretty funny.