Daily Investment Interpretations

June 3, 2010

2010-6-3:  Stocks climbed a bit more today. The NASDAQ Composite moved up 21.96 points uphill (0.95%%) to 2,303.03, the Dow rose a slight 5.74 points (0.06%) to close at 10,255.28, and the S&P 500 annexed 4.45 points (0.41%) to end at 1,102.83. Oil fell $1.73, closing at $74.59 a barrel, while Gold fell $15 to $1,208. The VIX dropped 0.71 to 29.46.
    The markets have been trading within a range over the past two weeks, edging slightly higher today. One important fact: they haven't broken below their May 26th lows.
    One issue that may weigh upon future trends is the fact that real estate may be expected to take a turn for the worse after July, because the stimulus effect of  recently allowed  purchasing breaks will fade out by the end of July.
    Tomorrow comes the monthly jobs report, and the markets are awaiting it with nail-biting anticipation.    
    Making sense of the selloff  
    Focus on investment risk, not return 
    Stock futures are slightly lower tonight.