Daily Investment Interpretations

June 21, 2010

2010-6-21:  After opening up about 1% on news that China has agreed to devalue the yuan against the dollar, the markets closed down a bit today: Stocks change mind, end lower.  The NASDAQ Composite lost 20.71 points (-0.9%) to close at 2,389.09, the Dow gave back  8.23 points (-0.08%) to close at 10,442.41, and the S&P 500 dropped 4.31 points (-0.31%) to end at 1,113.20. Oil ended at $77.54 a barrel, while Gold ended the day down $8 at $1,233. The VIX dropped 0.93 to 24.88. 
    Here come the cuts This article discusses the public funding cuts and new taxes about to be levied in the UK. This looks like 1929 all over again... or at least 1937... and it looks to me like a double-dip recession followed by a long, slow recovery, at best, and Depression 2.0 at worst. If the Eurozone raises interest rates and cuts spending, slowing their economies, we know what will follow. On the other hand, I supose it could be the case that they're walking a tightrope in that if investors lose faith in Eurozone sovereign debt offerings, their debt ratings will fall, interest rates will rise, and they'll be taken from that side. Either they raise interest rates or the markets will do it for them? 
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