Daily Investment Interpretations

June 1, 2010

2010-6-1:  Stocks nose-dived today. The NASDAQ Composite pulled back 34.71 points (-1.11%) to 2,222.33, the Dow dipped 112.61 points (-1.54%) to close at 10,024.02, and the S&P 500 swooned  18.7 points (-1.72%) to end at 1,070.71. Oil fell $1.27, closing at $72.20 a barrel, while Gold climbed to $1,227. The VIX rose 3.47 to 35.54.
    My investment advisory service sent a "sell" signal today, after registering a slight gain. Stocks may be building a base for further advances, since they're still above last Wednesday's close of 1,068, but there's no assurance of that.
    This article, Bleak picture, tracks the idea that we're in a secular bear market that should end in the 2014-2018 time frame.
    Michael Ashbaugh notes that the markets are moving down: S&P 500 fails first test of 200-day moving average, according to Michael Ashbaugh.
    Mark Hulbert shows that Those suspicious late-day reversals are about par for the course.
    Paul Farrell writes: American investors: predictably stupid
    Mark Hulbert, Michael Ashbaugh, Jim Lowell, and Thomas Kee "guide you off the hot seat in June with trading tips for this still-volatile environment": See the full special report.
    Market futures are up a tad tonight.