Daily Investment Interpretations

June 17, 2010

2010-6-17:  The markets closed up slightly today, vaulting up in the last half-hour of trading. today: Stocks take last turn higher.  The NASDAQ Composite advanced 1.23 points (0.05%) to close at 2,307.16, the Dow gained 24.71 points (0.24%) to close at 10,434.17, and the S&P 500 added 1.43 points (0.13%) to end at 1,116.04. Oil ended at $76.56 a barrel, while Gold ended the day at a new high of $1,247. The VIX dropped 0.83 to 25.09.
Today's gains came in the face of less-than-reassuring news, summarized in these articles: Jobless claims up, remaining stubbornly high,.Philly Fed sees a June downshift
, Conference Board pegs slower U.S. growth, and Earnings warnings threaten summer. A successful auction of Spanish bonds poured oil on troubled waters, and inaugurated the last-minute market run-ups.            
     Market futures are neutral tonight.