Daily Investment Interpretations

June 15, 2010

2010-6-15:  The markets hopped up today by 2 %-2 %.  The NASDAQ Composite advanced 61.92 points (2.76%) to close at 2,305.88, the Dow advanceded 213.88 points (2.10%) to close at 10,404.77, and the S&P 500 climbed 25.64 points (2.35%) to end at 1,115.23. Oil ended at $76.94 a barrel, while Gold advanced to $1,237. The VIX dropped 2.71 to 25.87.
I hesitate to list the exchange-traded index fund that my investment advisory service has recommended because it's a paid service. However, any of the market index ultra ETFs, such as QLD or SSO, should work about as well as any other. 
  Tonight, Mark Hulbert discusses: Are midterm elections bad for stocks?
   Paul Farrell states that: Doomsday Capitalism virus is spreading.
    Leveraged ETFs can be risky.

  My investment advisory service has just issued a "buy" signal for one of the exchange-traded 2X market indices.