Daily Investment Interpretations

June 14, 2010

2010-6-14:  Stocks fell slightly on Moody's downgrading Greece' debt to junk status: Moody's junks Greece, Credit spreads fatten. The NASDAQ Composite advanced 0.36 points (0.02%) to close at 2,243.96, the Dow jettisoned 20.18 points (-0.20%) to close at 10,190.89, and the S&P 500 declined 1.97 points (0.44%) to end at 1,089.63. Oil ended at $75.07 a barrel, while Gold closed at $1,223. The VIX dropped 0.21 to 28.58.
    My investment advisory service is in wait-an-see mode. the S&P 500 faces resistance at 1,105.  
    Without jobs, housing rebound may take years  

    Euro worries travel to the Middle East  
    Peter Brimelow writes: Sound Advice sticks to bullish call