Daily Investment Interpretations

June 10, 2010

2010-6-10:  Stocks rose smartly today: Stocks advance as euro gains, 10K Dow doesn't look back  The NASDAQ Composite advanced 59.86 points (2.77%) to close at 2,218.71, the Dow regained 273.28 points (2.76%) to close above 10,000, at 10,172.53, and the S&P 500 fell 31.15 points (2.95%) to end at 1,086.84. Oil rose to $75.88 a barrel, while Gold ended at $1,219. The VIX drooped 3.16 to 30.57.  
    The markets have once again bounced up off the bottom, although it will be important to see whether they'll exhibit follow-through tomorrow.

    Bleak Friday's a day away refers to the fact that the index of leading indicators is getting ready to go negative tomorrow.    
    Retailers are upbeat is important because it speaks to consumer confidence as well as 
    Sweatshop days coming to an end is about the predicted evolution in China of a population that isn't going to be willing to accept sweatshop conditions much longer. 
     Stock market futures are neutral a bit tonight.
    My investment advisory service is back in action today, but hasn't given muc guidance regarding what comes next.