Daily Investment Interpretations

May 3, 2010

2010-5-3:  The market indices have risen more than 1% today on the back of more good news: Manufacturing expands again, and Consumers are back. The NASDAQ Composite rose 37.55 points (1.53%) gain to close at 2,498.74, the Dow advanced 143.22 points (1.3%) to 11,151.83, and the S&P 500 tacked on 15.57 points (1.37%) to end the day at 1,202.26. Oil was essentially unchanged at $86.18 a barrel, while Gold added $2 to close at $1,183. The VIX fell 1.86 to 21.89. 
    Mark Hulbert offers Financials that are better than Goldman, and Peter Brimelow writes about Head and shoulders vs. Dow Theory
    In Searching for great deals, four investment advisors suggest strategies for making money in May: 
- Gilani: Play the VIX in May; 

- Kahn: Hot solar stocks, 
- Hulbert: Retail, leisure stocks, and      
- Murphy: Three biotech picks.      
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2010-5-2:  Market futures are up a bit tonight, probably because a rescue plan with teeth in it has been crafted for Greece.