Daily Investment Interpretations

May 19, 2010

2010-5-19:  The U. S. markets dropped a bit further today, though not low enough to puncture their "sell" thresholds. The NASDAQ Composite contracted 18.89 points (-0.82%) to 2,298.37, the Dow forfeited 66.58 points (-0.63%) to 10,444.37, and the S&P 500 dwindled 5.75 points (-1.42%) to end at 1,115.05. Oil rose to $71.05 a barrel, while Gold retreated to $1,191. The VIX rose 1.77 to 35.32.  
    The S&P 500 has closed only 4 points above its May 7th low, and, after kissing its 200-day moving average, has closed just above it. In the meantime, paradoxically,  my TopStock Portfolios investment advisory service is getting more optimistic. 
    Of course, tomorrow, the markets could plunge through their May 7th lows and keep on plunging. The ramparts we'll watch..
    China official: Wall Street is barbaric: This well-written article by Andrew Sheng, chief advisor to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, reflects what many of us feel. 
    Paul Krugman draws attention to the deflationary trend in the U. S.: Permanent Link to Feeling Deflated  
    In A portfolio for all seasons, Mark Hulbert describes a mutual fund that has done relatively well (with an 8%-per-year average rate of gain) over the past ten years.
    Market futures are a little higher tonight.