Daily Investment Interpretations

May 11, 2010

2010-5-11 (After the Bell):  The markets closed slightly lower today. The NASDAQ Composite was up 0.64 points (0.03%) to 2,375.31, the Dow dipped  36.88 points (-0.34%) to 10,748.26, and the S&P 500 parted with 3.94 points (-0.34%) to end at 1,155.79. Oil closed a little lower at $75.86 a barrel, while Gold hit a new all-time high at $1,228: Gold soars to record high. The VIX fell a smidge to 28.32.
    Stock market futures are down
0.02%-to-0.25% tonight... nothing dramatic.
    Michael Ashbaugh suggests that the primary uptrend is still intact, but that the S&P 500 will be back and fill in the trading range between 1,067 and 1,167 until it breaks above 1,180 (which should give us a second chance to buy lower than where we are now). 
    David Weidner writes, Don't blame the glitch on machines
    Jim O'Sullivan, chief economist for MF Global, writes that the Recovery won't be derailed
    Paul Farrell offers: Buffett joins greed Conspiracy
    Irwin Kellner weighs in with: Dollar's rise is double-edged sword.
    Mark Hulbert: Insiders' response to last week's plunge. Insiders' sell-to-buy ratio has gone from bearish at the market's peak in April to neutral right now.
    Economist Andy Xie points to a new global economic crisis in 2012: 'V' is for 'Vulnerable'.
    One piece of good news: Job creation ramps up.

2010-5-11 (Before the Bell):  Market futures are down this morning about žth as much as they were up yesterday morning.