Daily Investment Interpretations

April 26, 2010

2010-4-26:  After soaring overnight, the markets fell back a little today: Sixth straight gain for Dow ... barely. The NASDAQ Composite lost 7.2 points, (-0.28%) to close at 2,522.95, the Dow inched up 0.75 points (0.01%), to 11,205.03, and the S&P 500 dropped 5.23 points (-0.45%) to close at 1,212.05. Oil fell to $83.82 a barrel, while Gold was unchanged at $1,154. The VIX rose 0.85 to 17.87.
    My investment advisory service observes that a recovery is virtually assured. The markets are quite "overbought" on a short-term basis, but intermediate-term, all their indicators look good. Still, an intermediate-term (two month) reversal could occur at any time. Otherwise, there isn't much news.
    Economist Andy Xie writes: China's economy gone wild.