Daily Investment Interpretations

April 21, 2010

2010-4-21:  The indices closed little-changed and mixed today. The NASDAQ Composite edged up 4.3 points, (0.17% to close at 2,504.61, the Dow eased up 7.86 points (0.07%), to 11,124.92, and the S&P 500 slipped  1.23 points (-0.1%) to close at 1,205.94. Oil moved rose to $83.75 a barrel, while Gold added $9 to close at $1,148. The VIX increased 0.56 to 16.28.
    Goldman Sachs continues to attract commentaries: Abacus octopus, The good war?, Goldman Sachs: The Poster Child for Class Warfare, and Goldman Lawsuit Tip of the Iceberg?  
    Mark Hulbert writes about A rare buy signal with a good record. This signal, provided by Ned Davis Research, just occurred, rarely occurs, and foretells a market that, on average, is 38% higher a year later. Ned Davis warns that there are no certainties in the marketplace, but also states: "When would it have paid to go against this indicator?"
    My investment advisory service has also mentioned several of these rare bull-market signals over the past six months that have predicted considerably higher stock prices over the next year or two..
    Stock market futures are down modestly tonight.