Daily Investment Interpretations

April 1, 2010

2010-4-1:  The markets charged back up today; Bulls gulping up April fuel, and  Manufacturing index at 6-yr. high. The NASDAQ Composite rose 4.62 points, (0.19%) to close at 2,402.58, the Dow added 70.44 points (0.65%) to close at 10,927.07,  and the S&P 500 advanced 8.67 points (0.74%), closing at 1,17810. Oil jumped to $84.87 a barrel, while Gold rose to $1,114\\26. The VIX dropped 0.12 to close at 17.47.
Peter Brimelow reports that the Aden sisters have reversed their aversion to  stocks, at least for the intermediate term: Adens turn bullish on stocks, economy.  
    Two other warnings: Rebound is real but fragile, and Recovery to be quite muted: Fed's Dudley. Among other news: Top guys' bottom lines, and Wall Street more powerful now?