Daily Investment Interpretations

April 12, 2010

2010-4-12:  The markets inched a little higher: Dow industrials to 11,000, Stores signal shoppers are back in malls. The NASDAQ Composite added 3.82 points, (0.16%) to close at 2,457.87, the Dow sidled up 9.07 points (0.08%), to close above 11,000, at 11,006.42, and the S&P 500 acdded 2.11 points (0.18%), closing at 1,196.48. Oil retreated to $84.27 a barrel, while Gold closed down slightly at $1,157. The VIX moved down 0.56 to close at 15.58.
    Tomorrow is "Turnaround Tuesday", and stocks are down a bit tonight.
    The market indices are close to their upper trend lines. My investment advisory service is primed for a reversal, but that hasn't happened yet, and until it does, the servide' advice will be to stay fully invested. 
    Earnings season began with Alcoa's report after today's close. Alcoa's earnings weren't as bad as expected, but they weren't terribly good, either. There may be a bit of hesitation over the next few days.
    How to invest for end of world - video.