Daily Investment Interpretations

March 9, 2010

2010-3-9:  The markets closed up modestly today.  The NASDAQ Composite gained 8.47 points, (0.36%) to close at 2,340.68, which is another new high after its 3/9/2009 low, the Dow regained 11.86 points (11.86%) to close at 10,564.38, and the S&P 500 added 1.95 points (0.17%) to close at 1,140.45. Oil closed up at $81.55 a barrel. Gold dropped to $1,122. The VIX was up (a good sign) 0.13 to 17.92.
   Among the articles today are Michael Ashnaugh's Banks face exam: Ashbaugh, Mark Hulbert: What not to learn, Paul Farrell's The rise and certain fall of the American Empire, and David Weidner's Populist politics not Wall Street's cup of tea.  
    Futures are neutral tonight.