Daily Investment Interpretations

March 3, 2010

2010-3-3:  The markets headed up today, but fell back after a speech on the new health care bill by President Obama. The NASDAQ Composite closed down a sliver at 0.11 points, (0.00%) to close at 2,280.68, the Dow tumbled 9.22 points (-0.09%) to close at 10,396.76, and the S&P 500 crawled up 0.48 points (0.04%) to close at 1,118.79. Oil closed up at $80.93 a barrel. Gold surged again, ending the day at $1,144. The VIX fell 0.23 to 18.83.
Health care stocks fell today following the President's speech... which made it a good day to buy stocks. Although the weather may have skewed February's jobs reports, the pace of job losses is slowing. One advisor notes that last year's Market tailwinds are dead.
    Mark Hulbert has written about Active vs. passive investments, while Dogs of the Dow teach investors new tricks.
    Stock market futures are down slightly tonight.