Daily Investment Interpretations

March 25, 2010

2010-3-25:  The markets rose smartly today; then finished flat to down. The NASDAQ Composite slipped 1.35 points, (-0.08%) to close at 2,397.41 , the Dow slipped up 5.06 points ((0.05%) to close at 10,841.21, and the S&P 500, after breeching the 1,180 high-water mark, ended off 1.99 points (-0.17%) to close at 1,165.73. Oil was essentially unchanged at $80.53 a barrel. Gold rose slightly to $1,092. The VIX rose a 0.85 to close at 18.40.
    There were several factors that entered into the day's price action: Dow forfeits 100-point gain. Basically, a rising dollar was behind the falling markets.
    When will U.S. stocks finally throw in towel? 
    Why won't emerging markets emerge?