Daily Investment Interpretations

March 22, 2010

2010-3-22 Early:  Surprise, surprise! The markets moved up instead of down. The NASDAQ Composite regained 20.99 points, (0.88%) to close at 2,395.40 , the Dow rose 43.91 points (0.41%) to close at 10,785.89, and the S&P 500 recovered 5.91 points (0.51%) to close at 1,165.81. Oil closed down at $81.25 a barrel. Gold fell to $1,101. The VIX fell 0.1 to 16.87.
    Mark Hulbert notes that sentiment indicators are at dangerously optimistic levels:.Sentiment conditions not so bullish.  
    This article, Why there will be a double-dip, is strictly someone's individual opinion.
    The author of this article makes the interesting point that the expansion of medical insurance to cover many of those who are presently uninsured will expand medical services and call for more physicians: Marshall Loeb: Consequences of 219-212 vote.  

-21 Early:
  Market indices are off about 1% tonight, presumably because a health care bill has been signed in the House of Representatives. This suggests to me that tomorrow will present a good, though short-lived, buying opportunity. You could probably buy on Monday and sell at a profit on Tuesday.