Daily Investment Interpretations

December 3, 2010

2010-12-3 (Friday Night): The markets eked out small gains for yet another day. The NASDAQ Composite grew another 12.11 points (0.47%) to 2,591.46. The Dow added 19.68 points (0.17%) to close at 11,382.09, and the S&P 500 rose 3.18 points (0.26%) to end at 1,224.71. Oil increased to $89.94 a barrel, and Gold climbed to $1,416. The VIX fell 1.38 to 18.01.
   The markets started the day in the lurch, with a bad jobs report, and with the official unemployment rate rising to 9.8%: Jobs data hit a low note. By day's end, dip buyers had moved in to bring the indices back into positive territory: The Fed, Quick Hit- Thank You Mr. Bernanke.
    Other than this, there isn't a whole lot of news tonight. The markets are bumping against their resistance levels, or in the case of the NASDAQ, have broken through.