Daily Investment Interpretations

December 31, 2010

2010-12-31 (Friday Night): The markets ended the day mixed, and the year up 16.9% on the NASDAQ, 11% on the Dow, and 12.8% on the S&P 500: Stock bulls win 2010. I  The NASDAQ Composite declined 10.11 points (-0.38%) to 2,652.87. The Dow gained 15.67 points (0.07%) to  11,577.51, while the S&P 500 lost 0.24 points (-0.02%) to close at: 1,25764. Oil closed back up at $91.40 a barrel ($100 oil called 'inevitable' in 2011), and Gold hit  $1,422. The VIX gained 0.23 to 17.75.     
    After all the sturm und drang of 2010, it has ended with a second year of economic recovery and rising stock markets. The Federal Reserve hasn't yet regained the power to control the economy by raising and lowering interest rates (monetary policy), and unemployment remains stubbornly high, but the wheels haven't come off the wagon this year, and a return to historic norms appears to be attainable. The Christmas season was a retailing blowout as shoppers returned to the malls. It may be time to prepare for a rising market through 2012.
    Investors returning to U.S. stock funds  
    Decline of the 'International'