Daily Investment Interpretations

December 20, 2010

2010-12-20 (Monday Night): The markets ended mixed again today, with the S&P and the NASDAQ hitting new two-year highs, which the Dow has failed to confirm.The NASDAQ Composite was up 6.59 points (0.25%) to 2,649.56. The Dow dropped 7.34 points (-0.06%) to  11,491.91, while the S&P 500 verniered up 3.17 points (0.25%) to close at: 1,247.08. Oil closed up at  $89.59 a barrel on favorable economic news, and Gold ended up a trifle at $1,378. The VIX rose 0.3 to 16.41.  
    Look for two quiet — but winning  — weeks (audio)  (but there's lots that could go wrong).
    Hedge funds come up short  In the schadenfreude department, at least not all of the fattest cats have doubled their money so far this year.
    Sopranos: Wall Street edition  David Weidner writes that the Feds are finally using wiretaps and insiders ratting on other insiders to gather evidence and unravel insider networks... a development that Mr. Weidner says is long overdue.
    Insider-trading case may broaden  
    Korea stocks, won recover  South Korean military exercises were inspiring warnings from North Korea, but they've been completed without incident.
    TopStock Portfolios offers these articles on its website: Technical Talk: No Time For Complacency, and Recession? What Recession?