Daily Investment Interpretations

November 26, 2010

2010-11-26 (Friday Night): The markets ended down at the end of today's half-day of trading: North Korea Warns of War in Region. The NASDAQ Composite fell 8.56 points (-0.34%) to 2,534.56. The Dow was divested of 95.28 points (-0.85%) to close at 11,092.00, and the S&P 500 dropped 8.95 points (-0.75%) to end at 1,189.40. Oil rose to $83.88 a barrel, and Gold slipped slightly to $1,365. The VIX advanced 2.66 to 22.22.
    My investment advisory service has this to say today's markets: As the World Turns: An Update on the Sovereign Debt Crisis, Fear Versus Reality, and Technical Talk: Looks Like a Consolidation. Their take: we're in a trading range and we must wait to see in which direction a breakout will occur.
     From Capitol to Wall Street, no decency This article, by Darrell Delamaide, takes to task Democrats and Republicans alike, along with Wall Street.
     In charts: GDP, home sales  This GDP chart shows that the rate of rise of U. S. GDP, although the U. S.' total Gross Domestic Product has fallen behind what it would have been if there had been no Great Recession, is back where it was before the recession... good news!

(Friday Morning, Before the Bell):
 Ireland's debt crisis has spread to Spain (and Portugal?) Epicenter on the move, and market futures have dropped nearly 1% during the night.