Daily Investment Interpretations

October 15, 2010


2010-10-15 (Friday Night):  The markets were out of joint on this options-expiration Friday. The NASDAQ Composite climbed 33.83 points (1.37%%) to 2,468.77  The Dow subtracted from itself 31.79 points (-0.29%) to close at 11,062.78, and the S&P 500 gained 2.38 points (0.2%) to end at 1,176,19. Oil closed at  $81.48 a barrel, while Gold ended at $1,369. The VIX "tolled the knell of parting day" by falling 0.85 at 19.03.
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    I've spent the evening reading such stories as, "The Berenstain Bears Help the Needy" and "The Care bears Help Grumpy Bear Find the Meaning of Christmas", and haven't had time to write tonight's "column". I'll try to tackle it in the morning.