Daily Investment Interpretations

October 12, 2010

2010-10-12 (Tuesday Night):  The markets rose somewhat today. The NASDAQ Composite verniered up 15.59 points (0.65%) to 2,417.92. The Dow minced up 10.06 points (0.09%) to close at 11,020.40, and the S&P 500 eased up 4.45 points (0.38%) to end at 1,169.77. Oil closed at  $81.74 a barrel, while Gold ended at $1,351. The VIX exited the day essentially unchanged at 18.93.
    These article-titles are pretty well self-explanatory.
    Outrage over Capitol Hill insider trading  
    Wall Street pay on pace to hit record    
    Pay on Wall Street knows no boundaries  
    Bond market more worried about inflation than Fed  
    Next stop: Dow 10,000 (audio)  
    Uptrend intact, price action gets technical  
    Fed signals easing ahead  
    Fed may act until 10-year yield hits 2%  
    Stock market futures are up a bit tonight. On the other hand, the markets have rolled over as though they were forming a (temporary) top.