Daily Investment Interpretations

January 6, 2010

2010-1-6: The markets more or less treaded water again today. The NASDAQ Composite ended the day down 7.62 points, (-0.33%) to close at 2,301.09, the Dow inched up 1.66 points (0.02%) to close at 10,573.68, and the S&P 500 annexed 0.62 points (`0.05%) to 1,137.14. Oil climbed to $83.04 a barrel. Gold gained $18 to $1,137. The VIX fell 0.19 to 19.16.
    There wasn't a lot of openly published news today.
Private payrolls shed 84,000: ADP was presumably good news compared to the 600,000+ layoff numbers that prevailed last spring. One study notes that a number of bears are capitulating ("Too much of a bullish thing"), which,  from a contrarian point of view, isn't a good sign.