Daily Investment Interpretations

January 4, 2010

2010-1-4: The markets rose 1 % or more today. The NASDAQ Composite ended the day up 39.27 points, (1.73%) to close at 2,308.42, the Dow leaped 155.91 points (1.5%) to close at 10,583.96, and the S&P 500 jumped 17.89 points (`.6%) to 1,132.99. Oil climbed to $81.64 a barrel. Gold gained $23 to start the year at  $1,120. The VIX fell 1.64 to 20.04. 
    As soon as I'm able, I hope to write something about stock market expectations for 2010, but at the moment, the current Arctic cold snap has Amber at home with Tommie and myself all day, and I'm spending virtually all of my time with our little three-year-old colleen. 
    Mark Hulbert suggests that we may be seeing A consumer-led recovery?, while Peter Brimelow presents the case for further gains in China: China still offers opportunities. Mark Hulbert also tells us: Hulbert: First day may mean little, and Paul Farrell adds: Paul Farrell: 12 Dr. Dooms shred 2010 investing optimism
    To these articles might be added David Weidner's Four investing rules.