Daily Investment Interpretations

January 19, 2010

2010-1-19:  The indices gained more today than they lost last Friday, reaching new post-recession highs. The NASDAQ Composite increased 32.41 points, (1.42%) to close at 2,320.40, the Dow climbed 115.78 points (1.09%) to close at 10,725.43, and the S&P 500 closed up 14.2 points (1.25%) to 1,150.23. Oil ended the day at $78.59 a barrel. Gold donned $13 to end at $1,141. The VIX fell 0.33 to 17.58.
    The reason for today's exuberance: a Republican won Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts, breaking the Democrats' filibuster-proof control of the Senate, and endangering the passage of the new health care bill, allowing health care companies to keep raising their prices and their earnings: Obamacare at the precipice.
    And that's about all the news that I can find tonight.