Daily Investment Interpretations

September 3, 2009

2009-9-3:  The markets have bounced today after the first four-day losing streak since March. The NASDAQ Composite rose 16.13 points, (0.82%) to end at 1,983.20, the Dow addeded 63.94 points (0.89%) to finish at 9,433.61 and the S&P 500 dropped 8.49 points (0.85%) to end at 1,003.24. Oil was little-changed at $68.19 a barrel, while gold added $19(!) to $998! The VIX moved down 1.8 to 23.10.
    For yet another day, there was heavy buying in the last few minutes, and this time, the markets soared.
    My technical advisory service is still entirely into holding cash or shorting the markets. My advice is still: raise cash.
    Meanwhile, Global rebound on tap?, Optimism sprouting over U.S. growth, and 5 reasons to be bullish