Daily Investment Interpretations

August 26, 2009

2009-8-26:  The markets rose today by an amount measured in hundredths of a percent, making yesterday's "virtually unchanged" look like a seismic shift by comparison. The NASDAQ Composite rose by a laughably small (0.2 points, 0.01%) to close at 2.024.43, the Dow crept up 4.23 points (0.04%) to settle at 9,543.52 and the S&P 500 catapulted 0.12 points (0.01%) to end at 1,028.12. Oil oozed down 6 to $71.53 a barrel, while gold was unchanged at $946. Not to be outdone, the VIX minced upward 0.03 to 24.95.
    I guess Wall Street must be on vacation. If
the working traders had foreseen this, they could have stayed in bed all day.
    There seems to be no other news tonight.
    Stock futures are down a small fraction of a percent tonight.