Daily Investment Interpretations

July 15, 2009

2009-7-15:  The markets rose by leaps and bounds again today. The NASDAQ Composite rose 63.17 points (3.51%) to 1,862.90, the Dow expanded  256.72 points (3.07%) to close at 8,616.21, and the S&P 500 took on 26.84 points (2.96%) to end at 932.68  Oil ended the day at $62.00 a barrel, while gold was up $17 to $938. The VIX was up 0.87 to 25.89.
My investment advisory service was still cautious this morning, believing that we're running in a trading range. I won't hear from them again until tomorrow morning. Today's run-up occurred on higher volume than usual, but not the kind of volume associated with earlier advances in this spring rally.