Daily Investment Interpretations

June 10, 2009

2009-6-10:  Today, the indices dropped slightly. Oil added another $1 a barrel, and is approaching $72 a barrel. Interest rates on Treasury bonds rose to 3.99%. But as I said last night, higher oil and interest rates would be expected in anticipation of an economic recovery, and in fact, to me, signal a recovery.
NASDAQ Composite retreated 7.05 points (-0.38%) to 1,853.08 , the Dow slid 24.04 points (-0.27%) to 8,739.02, and the S&P 500 jettisoned 3.28 points (-0.35%) to close at 939.15 As mentioned above, Oil hit $71.85 a barrel, while gold was unchanged at 955. The VIX was also unchanged at 28.27.