Daily Investment Interpretations

May 28, 2009

2009-5-28:  The indices climbed today as GM spiraled toward bankruptcy and the Treasury had to pay higher interest rates to sell its bonds. Apparently, Wall Street has decided that higher interest rates aren't the bugbear they were thought to be yesterday. Also, initial jobless claims came in lower and durable goods orders higher than expected.  The NASDAQ Composite added 20.71 points (1.2%) to 1,751.79, the Dow swelled 103.78 points (1.25%) to 8,403.80, and the S&P 500 annexed 13.77 points (1.54%) to close at 906.83. Oil rose slightly to $62.95 a barrel, while gold was unchanged at $953. The VIX rose 1.74 to 32.36.
    I've updated the Alternative Energy Investments section today.