Daily Investment Interpretations

April 3, 2009

2009-4-3:  Today, the markets rose for the fourth day in a row. The NASDAQ added 19.24 points (1.2%) to close at 1,622, the Dow climbed 39.51 (0.5%) to 8,018, and the S&P 500 increased 8.12 (0.97%) to close at 843. Oil was unchanged at $52.51, and gold lost $11.60 to $897.30:  The VIX closed below 40 for the first time since January, down 2.34 to 39.70.
    The bulls are certainly in a stampede. So far, pullbacks have been an invitation to scramble aboard. At least one of the prophets who predicted the March upsurge is now anticipating a significant pullback, perhaps during the earnings season that begins next week: MV Weather Report: Bears Left Out in the Cold. Meanwhile, Paul Goodwin's Cabot China and Emerging Markets Newsletter has turned positive, and he's added another Chinese stock to his stable, bringing his investors to a 30%-invested level. 
    More in the morning.