Daily Investment Interpretations

April 27, 2009

2009-4-27:   The indices dropped a little today in the face of a possible flu pandemic. The NASDAQ Composite fell 14,88 points (-0.88%), to end the day at 1,679. The Dow subtracted 51.29 points (-0.64%) to close at 8,025, and the S&P 500 increased 8.72 points (-1.01%)  to 858. Oil rose slightly to $49.59, while gold parted with $5.90 to finish at $908.20. The VIX jumped 1.5 to 38.32.
Mexico's death toll had risen to 149 by this morning. The U. S. has now confirmed 48 cases. New Zealand has an additional 58 suspected cases. Australia is monitoring 19. The World Health Organization raised its threat level from three to four today. (Level five means that a pandemic is on its way, and level six means that a pandemic is in process.) 
    It's possible this swine flu epidemic could quietly run its course over the next few weeks and then disappear: Ways to go before outbreak becomes a pandemic.
    The next week or two should tell a lot..