Daily Investment Interpretations

April 13, 2009

2009-4-13:  The charts below seem to be flattening out, suggesting some kind of topping, or consolidation phase.
    Peter Brimelow's article tonight is Weighing the 'flations. He reviews Harry Schultz' conclusions that at the moment, we're deflating, but that at some point in the future, we'll switch from deflation to what could be massive inflation. 
    Paul Farrell offers, The decade strategy: "
advice on investing in a long bear market, one that could span all the way through to 2020."
2009-4-13 (Afternoon):  I promised last Thursday that I would write more this weekend about my own plans for investing in overseas markets. The reason I haven't kept my promise is (1) that I've been calculating furiously and contacting the investment advisors available to me concerning leverage investing strategies, and (2) according to every investment advisor available to me, the stock market is considered to be seriously overbought right now after a record-breaking run-up over the past five weeks: viz., Jeff Saut: Strategies for an Overbought Bear Market.  I've just finished selling two U. S.-based investments I've made over the past few weeks, locking in my profits. For the time being, I'm hanging on to small investments in Suntech and the Wilderhill Green Energy Technology ETF, and to the Chinese stocks recommended by the China and Emerging Markets Newsletter, but that could change if this market starts to go south. Whether the approaching correction results in a successful retest of the market's November lows, Prieur Perspective: Equity Lows Behind Us?, or whether it leads to new lower lows, Monday Morning Quarterback: Masters of the Obvious, Why the Crisis Isn't Over, this looks like a good time to take some profits off the table.