Daily Investment Interpretations

March 6, 2009

2009-3-6 After starting substantially above yesterday's close, the indices fell to new lows. including a 1,275 penetration of the NASDAQ's November 21st, 2008, intra-day low of 1,285, thus removing the last holdout to new market lows. Then at the close, the market rallied sharply, bringing the indices to approximately the unchanged mark. The NASDAQ fell 5.74 or -0.44% today to close at 1,294. The Dow gained 32.5  points (0.49%) today to close at 6,627. The S&P 500 ended up 0.83 points (0.49%)  at 683 today. Oil dropped to $45.52 a barrel, while gold added  $14.90 to settle at $942.70. The VIX dropped to 49.33.
    I'm going to try to pull together some information and will have to wait until tomorrow to do it justice. But maybe it's worth reiterating that we're now in territory that hasn't been experienced since the 1930's.