Daily Investment Interpretations

December 30, 2009

2009-12-30: The market indices treaded water today . The NASDAQ Composite rose 2.88 points, (0.13%) to close at 2,291.28, the Dow eased up 3.1 points (0.03%) to close at 10,548.51, and the S&P 500 sidled up 0.22 points (0.02%) to 1,126.42. Oil was unchanged at $78.72 a barrel. Gold fell $10 to $1,098. The VIX fell 0.05 to 19.96. 
I haven't seen any news worth mentioning today. However, Todd Harrison's shibboleths for the coming year are inscribed in this article: Lessons learned from years in markets and life.
    With half-a-trading-day left in 2009, I don't expect much to happen tomorrow. I should think that most institutional money managers will have settled their accounts for the year... and New Year's Eve is on tap.