Daily Investment Interpretations

November 4, 2009

2009-11-4:  After rising as much as 15 points during the day, the S&P 500 ended about where it started.  The NASDAQ Composite took on  10.9 points, (-0.1%) to end at 2,055.52, the Dow climbed 30.23 points (0.31%) to end the day at 9,802.14, and the S&P 500 garnered 1.09 points (0.1%) to 1,046.50. Oil jumped $2.41 to $80 a barrel, while gold soared to $1,047. The VIX climbed 3.15 to 24.76. Oil increased $0.80 to $80.21 a barrel, while gold rose $2.00 to its highest level ever at $1,087. The VIX dropped 1.09 to 27.72.
    Friday, the monthly non-farm unemployment numbers will be released. Marketwatch' David Callaway explains that investors don't want to be long the market if Friday's job numbers disappoint, but also don't want to miss upward moves in the November-December time frame: Fed to markets: Let the bubble blow.
    My advisory services are still sitting and watching. So far, the markets haven't made decisive moves, and the volatility is quite high.
    Stock futures are down about 0.4% tonight.