Daily Investment Interpretations

November 3, 2009

2009-11-3:  It's been yet another roller-coaster day in the bourses. The NASDAQ Composite took on  8.12 points, (0.4%%) to end at 2,057.32, the Dow lost 17.53 points (-0.18%) to end the day at 9,771.91, and the S&P 500 struggled up 2.53 points (0.24%) to 1,045.41. Oil jumped $2.41 to $80 a barrel, while gold soared to $1,047. The VIX climbed 3.15 to 24.76. Oil increased $0.30 to $79.27 a barrel, while gold rose $31.00 to its highest level ever at $1,085. The VIX dropped 0.97 to 28.81.  
    As the markets have risen over the past two days, total trading volume has fallen.
    Tomorrow, the Federal Open Market Committee is meeting, and a breathless hush has fallen over the markets. There will undoubtedly be no changes in interest rates, but Fed comments will be parsed and sieved for nuances.
    here are two articles by David Weidner, More Government Sachs? Don't buy it., and Irwin Kellner, Whose expectations drive the market?, .And here's a word of warning: Storm clouds over stocks.