Daily Investment Interpretations

October 26, 2009

2009-10-26:  The markets fell again today, and by more than 1%. Yesterday's observation that the markets could, possibly, be "in a topping phase preliminary to a deeper pullback (e. g., down to, maybe, 1,050 on the S&P 500)" looks prescient today. The indices will have to dip another 1% to 2% to match previous pullbacks (not that there's any reason why the markets have to behave the way we might expect them to behave).
    The NASDAQ Composite fell another 12.62 points, (-0.59%) to end at 2,141.85, the Dow retracted 104.22 points (-1.05%) to finish at 9,867.96, and the S&P 500 climbed 12.65 points (-1.17%) to 1,066.95. Oil declined to $78.78 a barrel, while gold fell to $1,043. The VIX climbed2.04 to 24.31.
    It's probably time to start nibbling on stocks again, such as the (Nasdaq Composite) Proshares Ultra QQQ index QLD..