Daily Investment Interpretations

August 15, 2008

2008-8-15:  After falling as low as $111 a barrel, crude oil ended the day at  $113.77, down a $1.24 a barrel. The stock market responded with modest changes. The Nasdaq Composite fell 1.15 to 2,452.52, the Dow rose about 44 points to close at about 11,660, and the S&P added 5.27 points to reach 1,298.20. The VIX ended the day at 19.58, which is not terribly good.
    Mark Hulbert has just published "Why not to expectthe same old bull", and Peter Brimelowhas presented, "The agile Adens". Meanwhile, "Report: Lehman in talks to sell $40 bln in real estate assets". Ouch! Chicago's Fed President predicts Sluggish growth in Fed forecast through 2010.