Daily Investment Interpretations

December 23, 2008

2008-12-23:  The stock market slipped a little bit further today. The NASDAQ Composite gave up almost 11 points (-0.71%) to close at 1,522; the Dow slid 100 points (-1.18%) to 8419, and the S&P 500 backed down 8.47 points (-0.97%) to 863. Oil ended at $39.13, and gold fell to $838.10. The VIX rose slightly to 45.
    Dr. Irwin Kellner warns about the dangers of inflation a year from now when all of the money "printed" by central banks begins to circulate more freely in the world's economies:
A year from now, the problem will be inflation, says Irwin Kellner.  
    Mark Hulbert warns against counting on the January Effect to influence stocks this year:
Hulbert's January Effect warning.
    Michael Ashbaugh's Tuesday technical analysis may be found here: Crash of 2008: The final chapter.