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July 25, 2004

Big News
    There is some suggestion that resveratrol kicks the anti-aging effects of caloric restriction into overdrive. There will be a report about this in November. Details of the study are, I'm sure, under wraps.
    It will take a while before resveratrol can be certified for safety and effectiveness in humans. The first studies administering resveratrol to mice would be less than a year old, assuming that they've already started. It will take about five years for the last of the longest-lived mice to die off, which would put the reporting date for mice at 2009. 
    I've mentioned here previously that my body temperatures were down in the mid-90's. I was also taking resveratrol at the time. I quit taking it a few weeks ago, since there have been no safety studies in amammals, let alone humans, but when I heard about this ongoing study, I started it again. This week, my temperature at bedtime has run 95.4 one night, and 95.6 the next. Just now, a couple of hours shy of bedtime, it's 96.7. I'll check it again at bedtime.
    These temperatures are suggestive of the kinds of sub-normal temperatures that occur in animal models with caloric-restriction. 
    If resveratrol is safe, and can initiate a calorie-restriction response without calorie restriction, can you imagine what this would do for the world? The marked improvements in blood lipids, fasting insulin, fasting blood sugar, and atherosclerosis alone would render this a treatment of choice for degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease irrespective of what it might ultimately do for aging..But it would also be the first demonstrated way to, hopefully, slow, and in a sense, partially reverse aging, and it just might focus attention upon the possibility and problems attendant upon aging remediation. This is a dream that began at least 40,000 years ago when the Cro-Magnons began to bury their dead with grave goods. It formed the basis for the world's first formal religions, particularly in Egypt. Humanity can't bear the thought of loss of self and loved ones through death, and finally, we're discovering ways to ameliorate aging.
    It's also interesting to speculate about the financial implications of such a substance. Big corporations probably wouldn't take long to get into the act. The capsules that Longevinex uses are purchased or licensed from a subsidiary of Pfizer.
    I turned 75 last Wednesday. Tonight, I'll run my 2 miles. I can tell I'm 75 when I look in the mirror, but not otherwise. It seems significant to me that I can run like this at this age, with all that running requires. Once in a while, I've seen somebody thirty-ish out running, but usually, I have the streets to myself. I have no aches or pains, I have steady energy, and have no known problems. I'm running as well as I did 30 years ago.
    Stay tuned.
    Tommie and I will be visiting my sister and brother-in-law next Thursday, returning the following Wednesday. I'll have the website set up for the week. I'll be able to send and receive e-mail using the e-mail address, but not via the Comcast address.


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