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July 12, 2004

Life Extension, Leanness, and Setpoints
   It's hard to know what to make of what comes to you over the Internet. Anyone and everyone can post whatever they like over it, and this is, after all, an election year. This is an article that a friend sent today. 
    I have fictionalized it below.
Election-Related Terrorist Attacks on U. S. Soil
    It happened on Sunday afternoon, October 31, 2004... Halloween... two days before the 2004 presidential election. A 737 taking off from Washington National Airport veered off-course over the Potomac River, and, flying a few hundred feet above the ground, crashed into the dome of the U. S. Capitol Building, virtually destroying it. The co-pilot had been describing to the control tower the crew's frantic efforts to get their aircraft under control.
    Simultaneously, in Chicago, a "dirty bomb" exploded, scattering radioactive dust over a several-block area near the Sears Tower.
    That night, the government postponed the election until order could "again be restored and security guaranteed". The following day, a nervous and furious Congress met in the Rayburn Building and enacted legislation suspending certain key provisions of the Constitution, and proclaiming the nation to be in a state of emergency. That night, President Bush addressed the nation, announcing that the nation was indeed engaged in a war on terror, and that it would remain on red alert until the immediate danger had passed. The President vowed that no effort would be spared to bring the cowardly perpetrators of these vicious acts to the bar of justice.
    Elections were  re-scheduled for Tuesday, November 16.
    On Friday, November 12, another attack occurred, this time in the form of three truck explosions in the Holland and Lincoln tunnels and on the Geoorge Washington Bridge, isolating Manhatten and the other islands from the mainland. This time, the President declared martial law and postponed the election indefinitely.
    Of course, there were domestic mutterings, and foreign claims, that these atrocities were staged by the Bush Adminstration to bypass the Constitution, like the Third Reich's staging of Polish attacks on its Polish-border German radio stations, but the public was in no mood to entertain conspiracy theories.


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